Management Consultant, CEO,

Interim Manager, Business Turnaround

17+ years of experience: Management Consulting (>1 year); CEO (4 years); Sales (5 years); Planning, Logistics, Purchasing (7 years)


Improving results building on strengths and available resources of the company. 

Experience in complex business management, sales, planning, purchasing, and operation areas.

Drive for results

I am an achiever. Achiever describes a constant need for achievement. As if every day starts at zero. 

My top strengths (Gallup Strength Finder) are Achiever, Connectedness, Activator, Maximizer, Individualization.


Professional in Solution Focused Coaching. 

Simple and fast acting approaches to complex challenges.


Wilfred de Roos

Managing Director, Business Unit Mats at Berendsen

Lubomir is a very intelligent and internationally oriented senior manager. When I worked with him he showed clever understanding of "how things are done" in different cultures, bridging typical head office thinking and daily practice in his country. Lubomir is capable of handling jobs where even more seniority is required and was highly appreciated by subordinates, peers and executives within Berendsen.

Roman Kollár

HR Director at First Data

To write recommendation for Lubo is a real satisfaction for a former manager. It is a dream to become - at least for limited time - part of professional life of talented people and help them to develop further. I remember clearly the day when Lubo appeared in Corgon brewery as a candidate for the management trainee program. Thanks to Lubo, I have experienced in real life - how beneficial is to hire somebody who is smarter than you and is daily surprising you with solutions which you never even think of. It was a privilege and real pleasure to work with Lubo and having Lubo around is a good base for success in any circumstances and conditions.

Jana Molnarova

Group IT Director at Publicitas/ NewBase/ AdBackoffice

When I think of a creative and innovative person it's Lubo. He just makes the things easier by thinking out of the box. I can proudly say I have learned from this guy a lot.

Klára Giertlová

Kouč, PCC

Ľubo bol jedným z prvých absolventov uceleného kurzu Brief Coaching na Slovensku (ACTP), ktorí ho ukončili medzinárodnou skúškou na úrovni Professional Certified Coach. To znamená, že aj keď v tom čase nemal ešte koučovskú prax 750 hodín, potrebnú pre priznanie tohto statusu ICF - Medzinárodnou federáciou koučov, už vtedy preukázal praktickú schopnosť koučovať podľa náročných medzinárodných štandardov.
Myslím si, že to bolo možné najmä vďaka Ľubovým osobnostným vlastnostiam a schopnostiam, ktoré sú pre kouča vždy výhodou - záujmu o človeka, rešpektu voči jeho potrebám, schopnosti identifikovať klientove zdroje, chuti neustále napredovať, dosahovať ciele a učiť sa zo skúsenosti. Aj po ukončení kurzu zostáva v kontakte s medzinárodnou aj slovenskou komunitou profesionálov zameraných na riešenie.